The Drive Behind College Funding Solutions

College Funding Solutions was founded by Bob Falcon as a natural extension of his position as a holistic Financial Advisor. Recognizing that college planning is family financial planning, he seeks to prevent parents and students from making financial mistakes that could derail their futures.

Many parents believe the college application process is the same as it was when they went to school:  You apply to a mix of “reach” and “safety” schools, and enroll in “the best school you can get into.”

Today, that is a recipe for family financial disaster.

Parents need to understand that being in the lower 25% of the class almost guarantees zero merit based aid, and the student essentially subsidizes the tuition of those in the top 25%.

If their student attends the “reach” school at the full “sticker” price, parents will likely be forced to take out parent PLUS loans, which may force them to delay retirement or accept a retirement lifestyle beneath their expectations.

College Funding Solution’s passion and goal is to help families to estimate the financial impact each particular college will have on the entire family before the student even applies.

After eliminating financially prohibitive schools from the list, College Funding Solution’s helps families to target schools where they can obtain significant aid and eliminate the need for suffocating debt.


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President & Founder

Bob is the President and Founder of College Funding Solutions, and a Financial Advisor and Founder of Falcon Wealth Managers in Concordville, PA. A licensed CPA and CFP® Professional, Bob is one of less than 100 professionals to have earned the Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC®) designation. While every CCFC® possesses an advanced credential, degree, or license, no other college financial designation boasts a greater percentage of its members who are CPAs or CFP® Certificants (85%).

He holds a BS in Accounting from Villanova University and an MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School (UNC-Chapel Hill). His career includes 9 years of Big 4 Manager-level tax experience and 15 years of pharmaceutical forecasting experience. Bob has an unmatched depth and balance of tax & financial expertise to support his college financial planning services.

In his free time, Bob can be found cooking Italian for his wife and 2 sons using fresh vegetables and herbs from his garden.