A Changing Landscape: College Applications and Student Loans

College has come under attack as many students take on student loan debt that their starting salary can’t support. They make the mistake of only focusing on getting accepted to schools without even considering the debt they will acquire. The fact is, like any other investment, you can overpay for college.

The College You Choose Determines your Cost

The best college financial planner cannot make every college affordable for you. Your unique academic and financial situation will drive the aid you get from a college. Never rely on the “average” aid given by a college (you are not “average”) and net price calculators are largely inaccurate.

You need a strategy (based on your specific circumstances) to identify those colleges willing to provide enough aid to make them affordable to you. “Hope” is not a strategy.

Financial Strategy: Needs-Based and Merit Aid

A good student from a family with limited financial resources may be able to attend a prestigious private college for less than their in-state public college. But many don’t even apply because they are scared away by the sticker price.

Academically strong students with no financial need should understand which schools offer merit aid (not all do) and the criteria used to award that aid.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to see the total aid you will receive and your 4-year student loan debt at each school before you even apply? Wouldn’t it be even better to learn of other great colleges that you thought were out of reach financially that are affordable for you? Even better, wouldn’t you like to scroll through a list of ranked colleges ordered from your lowest to highest personal 4-year cost (after aid)?

Your partner in securing a bright future through smart financial planning.

Our passion and goal is to empower families in the college decision making process. We begin by estimating the financial impact each particular college will have on the entire family. Our unique approach enables you to anticipate the financial repercussions of each college choice -  before the student even applies.

College Funding Solutions® helps families eliminate financially prohibitive schools and target schools where they can obtain significant aid and eliminate the need for extensive student loans.

Partner with us for a journey towards informed decisions and fiscal peace of mind.

President & Founder

Bob is the President and Founder of College Funding Solutions and the Founder of Falcon Wealth Managers in Concordville, PA.

He understands the burden that student loans have on families, and helps students and parents to avoid excessive debt that might otherwise compromise their dreams.

Bob is a licensed CPA and CFP® Professional, and holds the Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC®) designation.

Bob holds a BS in Accounting from Villanova University and an MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School (UNC-Chapel Hill). His career includes 9 years Public Accounting tax (Big-4 Manager) experience and 15 years in pharmaceutical forecasting. Bob leverages his tax and financial expertise to produce optimal outcomes for college financial planning families.

In his free time, Bob spends hours in his Italian vegetable garden and cooking and baking for his wife and 2 sons.

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