Discover College Funding Solutions®: Reducing the Cost of College

Embarking on the path to higher education is a monumental journey, and at College Funding Solutions® we're dedicated to ensuring it's a financially sustainable one. Unlock the secrets to optimizing your child's college education without breaking the bank. We're here to guide you through the maze of expenses associated with the cost of college.

Rethinking College Costs: A New Perspective

Do you think that your child should attend “the best school they can get into” regardless of the cost? 

Is a $300,000 4-year college education twice as valuable as one costing $150,000?

These are crucial considerations that shape your child's future and your financial well-being. 

A Personalized Approach to Cutting College Expenses

College Funding Solutions® offers two different levels of services to families:


A limited face-to-face or virtual meeting where we utilize the family’s financial information and the student’s academic records to estimate aid and student loans at up to 10 schools on the student’s list. (See the “Samples” tab on the website). Strategies to increase aid are provided (client is responsible for implementation). The consultation terminates at the end of the 60 minute meeting.


I work with the family up until the student departs for college regardless of student’s current grade. I provide advice on how to legally reduce your EFC/SAI, tips to maximize educational tax credits, and advice for self employed parents on income shifting strategies.

Ask any question at any time…I’m committed to you for the long haul!

Which Solution Is For Me?


Service Offered 60 Minute Counsel Full Service Counsel
Price $600 $2,700
Calculation of Expected Family Contribution (EFC)/Student Aid Index (SAI)
Calculation of Aid and Student Loan Debt at up to 10 Schools    
Strategies/Advice to Reduce EFC/SAI and Maximize Aid
Proposal of alternative financially responsible schools not on student's list  
Advice on appeal of financial aid awards
Follow-up (until matriculation)  
Tax Planning

Upgrade from the 60 Minute to the Full Service offering after the 60-minute consultation for an additional $2,400. Twins are $4,100.

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