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When it comes to successful college planning, collaboration is key. High School Guidance and College Counselors play a vital role in guiding you through important decisions, such as determining a major, college prep courses, and college choices. College Funding Solutions® complements their guidance with financial analysis, including your unique College Net Cost, Spending Strategy, and Financial Aid Package Appeals. Last but not least, you need to be sure the schools are a good “fit” for you on a personal basis (i.e, socially, geographically, etc).


Expert Student Aid Solutions: Redefining College Planning for You

Experience unparalleled excellence with College Funding Solutions® – your ultimate destination for expert student aid guidance. Our services seamlessly complement your existing College Support Team, propelling you toward a financially secure college journey.


The Unique College Funding Solutions® Advantage

Our specialized services encompass a range of crucial aspects:

  1. Precise College Net Cost Analysis: Uncover the exact net cost of each college, guiding you toward financially sound decisions.
  2. Enhanced College List: Evaluate and expand your college list strategically, ensuring optimal choices aligned with your financial aspirations.
  3. Unlock Tax Benefits: Navigate Federal Education Tax Credits, maximizing your savings.
  4. Strategic Financial Planning: Minimize your Student Aid Index (formerly Expected Family Contribution) with an individualized tax and financial strategy.
  5. Sources of Funding: Make sure your 529s are held and disbursed by the appropriate family members to maximize your aid.
  6. Paying for College: See how you will pay for each of your 4 years of college down to the penny.
  7. Guidance in Financial Aid Appeals: Navigate the financial aid appeals process by utilizing proven strategies and appeals letters with confidence.
  8. Post-Graduate Financial Plans: Set the stage for a secure post-graduate financial future and see how your loan payment impacts your take home pay.

The CFS® School Choice Blueprint

4. Discover New Avenues

Identify fresh, financially compatible schools that meet your criteria.

5. Informed Decision-Making

Collaborate with your family, counselors, and college students to make the final decision.

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